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(214) Susini M.L., Thibaut T., Meinesz A. and Forcioli D. - 2007.
A preliminary study of genetic diversity in Cystoseira amentacea (C. Agardh) Bory var. stricta Montagne (Fucales, Phaeophyceae) using random amplified polymorphic DNA 46: 605–611.

(207) Molenaar H., Thibaut T. and Meinesz A. - 2005.
Alterations of the endemic mediterranean seagrass Posidonia oceanica due to the introduced Caulerpa taxifolia. in : 8th International Phycological Congress. Durban, Afrique du Sud 13-19 Août 2005 44(4): 70A.

(196) Renoncourt L. and A. Meinesz - 2002.
Formation of propagules on an invasive strain of Caulerpa racemosa (Chlorophyta) in the Mediterranean Sea. 41 : 53-535.

(191) Thibaut T. and A. Meinesz - 2001.
Influence of Posidonia oceanica seagrass bed densities on settlement of the invasive introduced Caulerpa taxifolia. N°46, p. 15.

(192) Molenaar H., T. Thibaut and A. Meinesz - 2001.
Experimental invasion dynamic of endemic Posidonia oceanica beds by introduced Caulerpa taxifolia algae. N°44, p. 14. .

(193) Meinesz A. - 2001.
Invasive Caulerpa taxifolia in the Mediterranean sea. An overview. N°63, p. 20.

(150) Liddle L. , N. Carvalho and A. Meinesz - 1998.
Use of immunofluorescence microscopy to compare small nuclei in several populations of Caulerpa taxifolia (Caulerpales, Chlorophyta). 37 : 310.

(24) Meinesz A. - 1980.
Sur la reproduction de l' Udotea javensis A. et E.S. Gepp (Udotéacée, Caulerpale). 19 (1) : 82-84.

(25) Meinesz A. - 1980.
Connaissances et contribution à l'étude de la reproduction et du cycle des Udotéacées (Caulerpales, Chlorophytes) 19 (2) : 110-138.